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Reputed lifting equipment 
manufacturers in Italy 

Acquired in 1963 and managed by Thomas Cerrato from the very beginning, CERRATO designs and manufactures lifting equipment with high quality standards.
Here at Cerrato, we have always pursued, in each of our activities, the aim of quality and safety.
Since 2006 we have obtained company certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.
In 2014, we obtained company certifications for factory production control of structural components and kits for steel structures, according to EN 1090-1.

We build systems for various sectors and are present in the steel, automotive, aeronautics, space, mechanical, food, marble, glass processing, waste treatment and all processes that need to handle loads in the various stages of processing.
We design, standardize and industrialize products mainly within the company and rely on our technical knowledge and long-standing relations with our suppliers .

Since 2012 we are the official partners of Stahl CraneSystem for their Italian market.

We are authorized to carry out non-destructive testing of structures and mechanical penetrants. All our welding processes are certified and licensed.
In the last two years we have prioritized and invested heavily on developing new components for standard equipment in order to produce more and more competitive machines of high level quality.
Jib Crane in Beinasco


The JIB cranes are developed in compliance with lifting regulations and with the help of integrated 3D CAD systems.
Cranes Portals in Beinasco


This type of crane meets all requirements for lifting capacities from 125 to 2000 kg.
Bridge Cranes in Beinasco


The best solution for moving products, both light and heavy.
Modular systems in Beinasco


Characterized by high fluidity and a low effort for pushing horizontal displacements.
Lifting equipment in Beinasco


We manufacture standard and special lifting sling.
Lifting components in Beinasco


We provide components for our standard production plants or special solutions for each type of installation.
Supporting structures in Beinasco


We design and build steel support structures (columns and runways).
Steel structures in Beinasco


The steel produced by us ranks among the most comprehensive range of hoists offered worldwide.
Service and mantenance for cranes in Beinasco

Service and Maintenance

Our maintenance service offers a variety of options. Our experts will carry out a check-up of the machine in order to find any plant engineering and mechanical discrepancies in compliance with the regulations.

The preventive maintenance consists of periodic inspection depending on the specific work done by machines and regulated by the annual contract. We also offer first aid in case of machine stop service.

The response to the customer call times and procedures will be determined by the contract you have with us. If you need to make adjustments to the current regulations to include the replacement of groups, substantive changes, non-destructive testing and non-recurring operations, it will require extraordinary maintenance.
Stahl CraneSystems - Logo

STAHL CraneSystems

We are pleased to announce that in order to offer better service to our customers, we have partnered with STAHL CraneSystems GmbH for the Italian lifting equipment market.
50 years badge icon in Beinasco


To learn more about our lifting equipment, call
+39 011 3971209

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