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STAHL CraneSystem's only partner in Italy

With the aim to improve service and strengthen customer loyalty, starting October 2012, CERRATO partnered with STAHL CraneSystems GmbH for their Italian product market of lifting product range.

In order to continuously  develop new projects and to maintain the provision of high quality and reliable products, we have joined hands with the German company STAHL CraneSystems GmbH, regarding sales of the following articles:
  • Electric chain hoists in accordance with ATEX
  • Electric wire rope hoists in accordance with ATEX
  • Crane kits and components for the construction of standard bridge cranes

Electric chain hoists

ST series produced by STAHL CraneSystems ranks among the most comprehensive range of hoists offered worldwide. In use in thousands of applications for many decades, continuously updated and optimized, the ST chain hoist is a classic. Powerful, reliable, low maintenance and power absorption: ST series is offered in 13 different models with capacities from 125 kg to 6300 kg.
The chain hoists can be used with suspension hook or eye, with rigid mounting, with push trolley or electric trolley, and is particularly suitable for intensive applications in the industrial sector. The modular design of the ST series, we are able to develop adequate alternatives to out lifting standards, to meet the many different requirements and different. Often these developments find their solution in our lifting standards: for example, the carriage small footprint with the minimum height or the STD chain hoist with double chain outlet.
Now it is also available the version STD Vario with adjustable spacing between the hooks. The STAHL CraneSystems produces the full range of hoists ST chain even in explosion-proof version. STAHL CraneSystems was the first manufacturer to convert its entire range of chain hoists according to ATEX.

Electric wire rope hoists

Wire rope hoists STAHL CraneSystems reliable, long lasting and extremely powerful. The wire rope hoists STAHL CraneSystems covering a flow range from 500 kg to 160,000 kg. They are based on a technically consolidated and modular system that ensures an economical production at a high level of quality.
What's special about this: we are able to combine the individual components as desired, so that each of the wire rope hoists is designed to meet your every need. Regardless of whether it's a standard hoist or a custom special hoist for the customer. The interesting design of the rope hoist STAHL CraneSystems has a compact form, robust construction with minimum maintenance. Their reliability, power and long life are above average. The regular movement, the precise characteristics of acceleration and braking are common to all.
Hoists spare parts icon in Beinasco

Hoists spare parts

At our plant in Beinasco (TO) it has been prepared a warehouse where there are some components and spare parts of hoists and marketed kit STAHL brand CraneSystemsPresso our plant in Beinasco (TO) a warehouse has been prepared in which some components are available and spare parts of hoists and marketed kit STAHL CraneSystems brand.

Explosion-proof bridge cranes kit

The Explosion-proof crane technology is used in many industrial sectors: chemical and petrochemical industries, mining, power generation, food and pharmaceuticals.
With its highly developed solutions, STAHL Crane Systems is a world market leader in explosion technology of cranes. Since the development of the first anti-explosive components of the cranes in 1926, the company has contributed significantly to the success of this branch of the industry and to the development of today's industry standards, thanks to its own research and development (R & D ) and countless technical achievements in the field of crane technology and explosion protection. Nowadays, in addition to a wide range of products, the company offers services ranging from consultancy to design and negotiation, along with the approval and certification procedures for products for individual countries. In addition to the safety directors, the explosion-proof version of STAHL Crane Systems' hoists meet the ATEX European regulations. Since 2010, the products have been certified according to IECEx scheme in foreign countries.
This is useful as equipment with the corresponding certification can be commissioned without further testing in countries that recognize ATEX and IECEx - a big advantage for international customers.

Standard crane kit

All components are tested before delivery to ensure:
  • Plug and play - cable assemblies
  • Clearly identifiable labels with all connections
  •  Pre-assembled scalloping for power cart hoist
  • No competition. STAHL Crane Systems is a specialist in technology for cranes 
  • Sole supplier of Crane Kits, explosion-proof ATEX conformity.
STAHL Crane Systems supplies first-class technology for crane components, but only to crane manufacturers. Since early 2009 the STAHL Crane Systems has not built complete cranes at its factory. Instead, they have specialized in the development of high-quality production technology of lifting, driving and controlling.
Everything else - Consulting services to customers, design, construction of bridge cranes, maintenance and supply of spare parts - has been left to the competent crane manufacturers in the industry.

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