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Analysis and Non-destructive Tests (NDT)

Our company has leveraged its experience in the construction and maintenance of lifting equipment while conforming to the criteria set forth in the Quality System UNI EN-ISO-9001/2/3, Machinery Directive 98/37 / EC,  Community Directives 89 / 391 EEC, 89/655 EEC. We have drawn up a maintenance manual for electrical and mechanical checks to be carried out periodically on all lifting equipment. Our proposal consists of maintenance activities based on the class of service and is intended for lifting and preventive maintenance plans that guarantee the efficiency of the process with particular attention to security organs. We have drawn up procedures to perform periodic load tests, calibration of load limiters, recording brake, arrows detection, etc. We provide regular trainings and refresher courses to personnel undertaking this activity, to be carried out during the preventive checks and the essential safety requirements.

Analysis and Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Our company has a fifty-year experience in construction and maintenance of hoists, adapting to the criteria set forth in the Quality System UNI EN 9001/4, with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, the EU directives and Decree N ° 81 of 09/04/2008, as amended. We have drawn up a maintenance manual for electrical and mechanical checks to be carried out periodically on the lifting equipment:
  • DEPTH ANALYSIS ON CRANE: the activity is carried out on the general device status, mechanical components,  structural work and all supporting facilities
  • ADDITIONAL TESTS ON BRIDGE CRANES: Cutting-edge tools are used for carrying out activities such as hardness testing of materials, determination thickness of sheets or pipes, coating thickness measurements, tachometer wheels, drums and engines
  • SERVICE PERFORMANCE OF NON-DESTRUCTIVE components (CND) for reliability assessment of lifting equipment and related critical components
Our certified personnel perform nondestructive testing with the following methods:
  • Control with penetrating liquids (UNI EN 473 - ISO 9712)
  • Magnetic particle inspection (UNI EN 473 - ISO 9712) difettoscopico Control ultrasound (UNI EN 473 - ISO 9712) Please also be advised that the CERRATO can perform rescue operations, using licensed welders
  • Welds (UNI EN 287-1)
  • Visual inspection (EN ISO 9712) Our structure with the constant updating of  staff quality and continuity of service that we believe will meet all needs.


The teams that carry out the scheduled maintenance, emergency repair and overhaul have access to all corporate structures such as technical department, machine tools, carpentry and warehouse.

The MAINTENANCE SERVICE is divided into the following activities:
  • CHECK-UP of the machine to locate the mechanical and plant engineering discrepancies as per current regulations
  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE through periodic checks programmed with controls and cadences that are defined according to the specific work done by the individual machines and regulated by annual contract
  • EMERGENCY on call of the customer in case of down time with methods and response time defined under the contract
  • MAINTENANCE interventions for non-recurring items for which engineering, non-destructive testing of structures and mechanisms, substantive changes and adaptation to current standards needs to be followed. Should such a need arise, the required documentation for these programs can be provided to notify the supervisory authorities. We organize training courses to constantly update the personnel and to satisfy all your needs.

Routine Maintenance

The routine maintenance activity is organized for:
  • Checks required by the manufacturer and listed on the Use and Maintenance manuals for plants (CE marked)
  • Checks required as per the September 2014 guidelines by INAIL for systems without a service manual (not CE marked)
The planned interventions are those with cadence Quarterly - First Half - Yearly.

Rental Ballast

The CERRATO extends the range of services provided to corporate customers with the opportunity to rent weights for running load tests or checks for lifting equipment. Our ballasts have been designed to be versatile, small and modular, in order to also be used in environments with difficulty of passage and for test executions in the same day on different flow systems and equipment. We remind you that the execution of the load test is one of the activities recommended by standard FEM 9.761 for verification and possible annual calibration of load limiters. It is also indicated in the periodic maintenance activities in all the Use and Maintenance manuals of manufacturers of lifting devices as well as for the control of the correct operation of the lifting brake. Furthermore, during the course of periodic checks activities, inspection bodies (INAIL/ASL/ARPA or notified bodies),  may require the employer to carry out tests in order to ascertain the state of maintenance and compliance of lifting device to the manufacturer's specifications. Our sales department is at your disposal for any information about it and can formulate a best budget proposal for the rental of the ballast.
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Extraordinary Maintenance

MAINTENANCE interventions are for non-recurring items for which you need to follow the engineering, non-destructive testing of structures and mechanisms, substantive changes, the substitution groups, adaptation to current standards. When needed for such interventions, it will be provided the necessary documentation for communication to supervisory authorities.Maintenance and replacement (with its cadences) indicated on "Use and Maintenance Manuals" of manufacturers are to be considered extraordinary maintenance and:
  • They may extend the useful life and/or improve the efficiency and reliability
  • They do not have to modify the original characteristics (nameplate data, sizing, constructive values, etc.)
  • Do not involve changes of uses of the property
On the achievement of 90% of the theoretically useful life, the user is obliged to provide for a general overhaul. This general review is required to take place by the end of the theoretical service life.
In addition to the controls and measures identified in the maintenance and verification plan, the general review includes non-destructive testing or replacement of the following components:
  • Lifting brake
  • Gear reducer and Supports
  • Engine
  • Rope drum
  • Gear oil
  • Fasteners
  • Commutation in the command
The general overhaul carried out by the manufacturer or by a specialized company, is a prerequisite for the continued use of the bridge crane.Your continued use will be allowed when the technical expert certificate will have the necessary conditions. The execution of the general overhaul must be confirmed and must be given a further period of use according to FEM 9.755. For CE marked machines the review should be carried out after 10 years of operation from Norma Fem 9,755 (SWP). During the period of use, extraordinary maintenance must be carried out as indicated in the manual of use and maintenance.
For all machines (not CE Marked) the extraordinary verification should be performed after 20 years from start-up, in compliance with the cadences indicated in the Use and Maintenance Manual for ordinary and extraordinary controls. In the absence of the manufacturer's manual it is recommended to carry out the instructions of the EC manuals for plants with the same characteristics.


The CERRATO has a series of mechanical and electrical parts used on its own building lifting systems and is able to supply or build those of other brands.


Check-up of the machine to locate the mechanical and plant engineering discrepancies by law.


Emergency on call of the customer in case of downtime with methods and response time defined under the contract.

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